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2016 Calendar of Events

Friday - March, 18th 2016

Saturday - March, 19st 2016

Saturday Events at a Glance

General Admission includes all lectures plus admission to the Exhibition Hall. Shaded items below are not part of the general pass.

Time Events
10:00 Victorian Home Restoration Panel
Craig Britton, Kathy and Todd Knobloch, Michael Klupfell, and Kathleen Croston
Expo Hall opens Kids' Victorian Play Day opens
11:00 Victorian Watches and How Women Wore Them
Valarie LaBore
12:00 Living History: A Panel of Veteran Reenactors
Nancy & Gordon Frye, Don Talmadge, Andrew Williamson
Kids' Victorian Play Day closes
1:00 Victorian Hunting in Field, Forest & Plain
Gordon Frye & Michael Gervais
2:00 The Importance of Music in the Victorian Era
Toot Sweet:Clarinet Quartet
3:00 Corsets: Bound By Tradition - Or Can You Really Bend Over In That?
Cherries Jubilee
7:00 Victorian Ball - Legion Hall
9:00 Contra Dance - Legion Hall

Sunday - March, 22nd 2015

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