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Thank you for 20 years!

The Port Townsend Victorian Festival was founded in 1996 to help inspire the preservation of the regions extraordinary 19th century history and architecture. In the early days the event provided an opportunity for enthusiasts and home owners to exchange knowledge towards the preservation of the city's magnificent homes and buildings. It also provided an opportunity for folk to dress up in historical fashion, play, dance, attend formal tea, and celebrate a by-gone era. The preservation goals have been a roaring success and Port Townsend is now recognized as one of the country's fine examples of 19th Century architecture, an entire historic district listed on the national registry and one of just three Victorian seaports in the United states.

At present there are not plans for a 2017 Victorian Festival, although that doesn't prevent enthusiasts from gathering. Watch this space for announcements and thank you for so many years of stalwart support and enthusiasm.

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