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Victorian Yuletide in Port Townsend

Port Townsend invites you to step back into a quieter time for the holidays and experience the simple joys of the season. Every weekend carolers walk the charming streets, inviting you to take part in Port Townsend's unique history.

Open Parlor Tours - Historical tours each Saturday (info)
Victorian Yuletide Salon - A cozy Victorian festival on Saturday Dec 13th from 1-4pm (info)

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Port Towsend's Victorian Festival

Thank you for an amazing 2014 Victorian Festival! It was a fantastic year and we owe it all to the amazing people who came to celebrate the early days of Port Townsend. The 2015 Victorian Festival will celebrate Port Townsend's extrordinary maritime traditions and history and is tentatively scheduled for March 20-22, 2015. Check back as the date draws closer for more information.

The year that was: Victorian Festival 2014...

The 2014 Victorian Heritage Festival took place March 21st through 23th, 2014. When thinking of Port Townsend’s early days images of shipping and lumber, rough streets and genteel houses spring to mind, but the U.S. Army established Fort Townsend in 1856. The 18th Victorian Festival looks at how the military shaped culture during those volatile decades of expansion, civil war, and economic tumult.

Victorian Pub Crawl Friday Night
Kick off Friday night with our pub crawl - featuring saloons, "shanghai tunnels," and fine vintage cocktails through a staggering selection of Port Townsends (in)famous watering holes.

Parade on Water St. Saturday 10:30am
Saturday looks back to Port Townsend's military roots at Fort Townsend and Fort Worden. Watch cavalry drills and demonstrations along side old favorites like the fashion show, steam boat rides, prize fighters and Victorian teas. Sunday we look forward to offering a series of building tours.

Step back in time! Visit the Exhibition Hall in the American Legion. Handcrafts, military experts, artifacts and demonstrations galore! Get your picture taken in your Saturday finest - or try on a bit of ours and pose for the camera.

The Victorian Heritage Festival is organized by Olympic Peninsula Steam with support from Victorian Society: Northwest and celebrates Port Townsend's unique role as an exquisitely preserved historical seaport surviving and thriving as a modern city.

Join us March 21-23, 2014 for a celebration of the old that is new again - bringing together scholars, enthusiasts and curiosity-seekers from across the Pacific Northwest.

Insider Building Tours Update: Sorry, Building Tours now sold out. Ever wondered what was up in those beautiful buildings around Port Townsend? Ever wanted to wander the hallways and ask about the architecture? Well, now's your chance! (More info)

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